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"You've heard it before, "good contractors are hard to find". And when you find one, you want everyone to know. Well, Rory is that contractor. He and his company, Howland Built Construction, is that "go to" building company. I've had the pleasure to have worked with Rory and I wholeheartedly recommend him. I appreciate his honesty, ability to calmly deal with difficult situations, he has excellent communication skills, his experience, respect for the environment, fairness and compassion. Rory is great at keeping his projects on time and on budget."

-Mattthew Bennett

"Rory worked carefully with one of my long-time clients. He has the ability to help them close in on a decision and keep things going. His patience was amazing. If you're looking for a residential contractor that is knowledgeable, timely and good with people, this is the guy."

-Karl Schultz, Architect

"Rory came into a very trying, involved project and was able to surmount many challenges for us. His professional attitude and commitment to a successful build made for a beautiful finished product that all participants are extremely proud of."

-Frank Phanton, Architect, LEED AP

"Rory is a gifted craftsman, and a great person. He provides top-notch service and value to all his customers. I worked with Rory through three of his Green Building Award projects in Santa Cruz. It was a joy to see Rory make continual progress on the sustain ability front where he quickly excelled in the art of doing right by the client and the community. Out of the many fine builders in the Santa Cruz area, Rory is one of the few whom I would trust to build my home. I am happy to recommend him, his crew, and their work."

-Joseph Fullerton

"We have worked with Rory and Howland Built for five years on large and small projects. Rory plans the flow of each project carefully allowing our crews to get in and out quickly and effectively. Relationship is everything and ours with Howland Built is great!"

-V Altman

"We have been thrilled with the design / build process; it has been creative, straightforward, organized and as pleasant as a process can be!"

-Diana Stellar, Davenport Remodel & Addition

"Howland Built Construction is top-notch and I recommend them two my clients and customers routinely."

-Lydia Corser, Interior Designer

"Working with Howland Built Construction was the best decision we made!"

–Walter & Kristen Heady, Davenport Remodel & Addition

"…I appreciated your ability to identify unforeseen issues arising with a remodeling project of a 100-year-old house, your creativeness in dealing with these issues and your skill in being able to solve any problem as it arose…I also appreciated how much you kept me informed of any changes via our weekly meetings, phone calls and email."

-Colleen Butterfield, West Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz

"It has been a thoroughly enjoyable and informative process with many delightful surprises along the way…. I loved meeting all your skilled trades people and being on the receiving end of their workmanship. I do want to thank you for a remarkable 3 ½ months."

-Ginny Aragon, Seabright Ave. Project, Santa Cruz

"Our customers demand a high level of service and professionalism when having a fireplace, stove or insert safely installed in their home. That is why we connect Howland Built Construction directly with our customers. Rory and his conscientious team have consistently delivered beyond expectations."

-Tom Karow, CEO & President Woodstove & Sun Inc., Santa Cruz

"We highly recommend Rory Howland (Howland Built) for your home remodel project. We are very happy with the workmanship of our remodel/addition project. Having built several new homes before, we had definite ideas about what we wanted in this project, and Rory was great about respecting our ideas, while at the same time offering suggestions to improve upon our design. He's great on details that make the difference between a good house, and a truly custom home. And Rory worked with us during the design process to offer suggestions to improve the project as well as to advise us on some cost saving opportunities.

We're thrilled with the Crystal cabinets that Rory recommended and installed. Using his cabinet design software, we sat down together to design the cabinet layout in the kitchen and baths, giving us ample time to think about the kind of spaces we needed in each room. The cabinets are absolutely beautiful and first rate quality.

-Jan Tepper, Seabright Area Remodel, Santa Cruz

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